DC Announces NEW Villains!

DC got bored the other day, and that means fanboys get new villains. Little is known about either of the two new rogues announced today and yesterday, the publisher came out with a small block of text describing each and also specified that they were indeed criminals! The character introduced today is a Green Lantern scoundrel known as Relic. Billy Tan designed his costume, as evident from the amount crazy wires on his back! Relic looks to be some sort of alien, due to his oddly shaped head. The antagonist of Green Lantern is also of a profound scale, it seems that he is similar to the size of Galactus! A problem with the new foe is that he seems to be too busy, many artists may have trouble replicating the way Billy Tan draws him in the New 52.

In a fantastically ugly costume design Ed Benes show off the daughter of the joker. Since the character is drawn by Benes and is also a female, it may be a safe bet to assume that this is an enemy of Batgirl. The only aspect of the individual DC shared on their blog, was the fact that the girl wears the face of the Joker. Many have been speculating around the internet as to who could possibly be under the mask, but little is known at the moment. Look away from the hair!

With these two new rapscallions lurking in the shadows, it may be best to keep a close eye on your children!

Source: DC