David S. Goyer Discusses THAT “Man Of Steel” Scene, Calls the Film “Superman Begins”


Even though Man Of Steel, this year’s biggest cinematic disappointment, hasn’t made nearly as much money as Warner Bros. was hoping for, it’s still getting a LOT of attention for that one scene at the end of the movie.

Big SPOILER alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the newest Superman film yet.

Anyway, Superman kills Zod.

There’s been arguments for and against this move. He’s got Zod in a chokehold as he tries to heat vision an innocent American family. Instead of simply pointing his heat vision-y head at the ceiling, Superman simply snaps his neck, then bursts into tears.

Yeah, it’s not exactly his most heroic moment. But that’s what you get when you try and take the world’s most optimistic hero and try to Batman the shit out of him.

Now, granted, Man of Steel isn’t bad on a Daredevil or Elektra or Green Lantern level.

And now its intrepid screenwriter David S. Goyer has arrived to defend himself.

-picture by Ivan Nikolov

Here’s a quote from Goyer, explaining why Superman did such a very un-Superman like thing:

Our movie was in a way Superman Begins, he’s not really Superman until the end of the film. We wanted him to have had that experience of having taken a life and carry that through onto the next films. Because he’s Superman and because people idolise him he will have to hold himself to a higher standard.

All in all, it’s not terrible reasoning. Trying something different is always OK. But you can tell that the murder only happened to make Superman dark and gritty, instead of actually serving any purpose in the story.

Much like the other unnecessary reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, the newest Superman film forgets what made the character distinctive in the first place. To Goyer’s credit, he actually addressed the criticism with a very mature attitude. I may not approve of his choices, but I do respect them.

If only the writers of Star Trek Into Darkness were the same way…

SOURCE: Digital Spy