Cyber Force returns in October!

In an interview with the L.A. Times, comic book creator Image co-founder and Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri unveiled details on the forthcoming return of one of his companies original properties, Cyber Force.

Marc Silvestri shared his thoughts and plans of the new Cyber Force series:

…reintroduce Top Cow’s original launch series “Cyber Force” using Kickstarter fits right in. Kickstarter itself is a genius idea and a win-win for everybody, really. And we want to use its crowd-sourced funding in typical Top Cow fashion, meaning differently. While most everybody uses Kickstarter to fund a project in order to build it and then sell it, we at Top Cow are going to use the funds to build “Cyber Force” and give it away — for free! Plus we’re not talking just one issue but five full issues of the comic. And it won’t be free just digitally, but also as a full-color printed comic that will be available at any participating comic shop. So for people that want to read “Cyber Force” digitally — yes, including torrent sites — it’s free. And for anyone wanting to hold a traditional comic in their hands to read it — it’s still free. We figure this is a great way to reward loyal comic fans plus get new people to get onboard reading comics and see what they’ve been missing. Plus it allows fans to actually get involved in the comic making process and be part of something truly groundbreaking that will help all of us that love the genre. ”Cyber Force” obviously holds a special spot in my heart, so I’ll be doing all the concept art and working very closely with artist Khoi Pham. Plus I’ll be writing the book along with Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. I’m really excited and proud of what we’ve done with the stories and characters and believe that fans both old and new are gonna love all the surprises.

There you have it Top Cow and comic book fans, the first five issues of Cyber Force will be free both digitally and physically, so what do you guys think?  Are you interested in picking up a 20 year old title re-imagined for the modern era, for free?  What changes will the Top Cow Rebirth bring to this classic team? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times