Creeple Peeple #2 Review

The Creeples are alive and kicking, after being created by an accident. but now they are here only two things can happen; one they could be a big help or two they can be a crazy handful not worth it. Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

As Professor Bodkins tries to reverse engineer the peculiar Gooze formula that created the Creeple Peeple, Spigs, T-Ray and Peabo are shocked to learn the Creeples have mysteriously transformed into dark, menacing creatures with powerful magic that bring inanimate objects to life with disastrous consequences!


The Creeples are an odd bunch of creatures. It is pretty fun to see them though. This comic is pretty kid friendly so far. The story is about a science lab trying to save themselves but there is a bunch of problems. They decide to try to engineer human body parts but instead of that they got the Creeples! It seems that these creatures are just fun and cute things. However, they are more of pain than ever thought. T-Ray, Spigs, and Peabo are trying to figure out what to do but then the creatures get out and begin to turn the pop machines into giant fighting robots. It is a crazy world that the Creeples are creating and I am sure that it will only get crazier.

Matt Anderson has a fun writing style and a fun story going on with Creeples. This story is very cute and a ton of fun. I would recommend this to a kid, especially one that has some great science going on.

Tim Patrick Lattie brings to life this story of fun. The colors are bright and vibrant. The characters are neatly drawn and it has that cartoon feel but has some real look to it.

Creeple Peeple#2 is a great continuation to a fun story.

  • + Creeple Peeple are super creepy
  • + A super fun story
  • + A unique take on the master/creator story
  • + Great for kids

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