Comics: Minimum Carnage Announced

Carnage USA came to a close with its fifth issue last week. In it, we finally see Cletus going to prison. What’s interesting is that in the letter column at the very end, these tiny words said Minimum Carnage. Apparently it’s coming this fall. Marvel has been teasing us with a super secret symbiote event, could this be it? This symbiote event has been hinted at in the pages of Venom, could this third Carnage mini-series be it? Marvel hasn’t released any details, aside from this image.

If I’m not mistaken, the head to the right belongs to the Scarlet Spider. Him being in this event poses a lot of questions, I’m sure we’ll get answers in the coming months.

So are you excited, or all Carnaged-out? I say bring on the symbiotes man.


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