These Comic Book-Themed Prosthetic Hands Are So Cool!

As someone who’s had a shorter arm his entire life, although I don’t currently use a fake arm, these awesome comic book-themed prosthesis make me extremely jealous!

WolvPros1hand 2.jpg

3D printed by charity E-Nable, these hands are being given to kids who don’t have fully developed hands — which isn’t me, my arm ends just after the elbow, but I’m still jealous because this has Wolverine claws! There’s also the Iron Man one which looks pretty cool as well. This model of hand is called The Cyborg Beast (and they always just called mine ‘An Arm’). These hands are really quite good, they seem to be able to grip things effectively, which none of my arms have been able to do, so props for that.

I have had some cool arms though, the people who used to make them for me would paint them and make them look pretty, I had camouflage and rainbow ones, but I think my favorite was the one that they made look wooden (I threw the picture in below), they even put a little earwig on it, it’s great.


So, any of you fanboys missing limbs? We can bond over it — form the fanboy league of limb deficiencies.

SOURCE: Khon2 and Yahoo

Source: C|net