Chew #32 Review

If you enjoyed getting to see Tony be a badass last month, you’re in luck, because we get another dose of it this issue. Chew #32 picks up the story threads from last time, but comes at them from a different angle. Here’s the official description from Image:

Revelations! Fights! Milkshakes!

Tony and Colby are still tracking members of the Church of the Immaculate Ova, but it’s a discovery Colby makes about Agent Cesar that’s the most important part of this issue. John Layman writes with his characteristic tongue-in-cheek style. He’s a master of misdirection. His ability to obscure story elements by mixing them with so much other information is impressive, but sometime he does it too well. Despite some rehashing last issue, in the wake of the major plot developments in issue #30, Chew remains surprisingly impenetrable to new readers. I’ve been reading for nearly ten issues now, and there are still times when I don’t understand what’s going on.

Rob Guillory’s art is, once again, a perfect fit for the tone of this book. His characters visually exhibit all the flaws that Layman’s writing suggest, to the point that many are genuinely disturbing to look at. As always, he fills every page with extra jokes, in the background (keep an eye out for Walking Dead creator Rober Kirkman, who seems to have been hitting the gym), on props, etc. I often find that I miss some of them. Unfortunately, this serves to obfuscate important elements in much the same way that Layman’s writing does (I’m not completely sure that Guillory is the one coming up with all these jokes, although I imagine that some are his and some are suggested by Layman.) Guillory also handles colors, with assistance from Taylor Wells, and the way he constantly changes the pallet both lends the art a cinematic look and further emphasizes the surreal aspects of the story.

While it doesn’t exactly grab you by the throat, Chew #32 has enough action and more than enough humor to keep you entertained. I do wish that John Layman would play things a bit more straightforward, although I supposed the series would lose much of its charm in the process.


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