Check Out This AWESOME Infinity Poster!

That big purple guy is on the mind of most Marvel fans currently, which is why the next big event is all about him! Thanos has been up to no good since he was first introduced, and now it’s time for all fanboys to get freaking pumped about INFINITY!  Yesterday the incredible artist Marko Djurdjevic released a movie style poster for the upcoming huge storyline.

Little is known about the event so far, however any keen fanboy reading Avengers by Jonathan Hickman can tell you a few things about the event. For instance characters like the new Starbrand and Ex Nihilo will be important facets of the event. Hickman will be writing the full event, alongside awesomely talented artists like Dustin Weaver, Jim Cheung, and Jerome Opena. The titular writer has been receiving a lot of crap for not tying his threads together until many issues later, so it is up to a big storyline like this one to shed some light on his master plans. All of the talent involved in this upcoming title are incredibly talented, therefore this event is not to be missed! Carefully examine the first teaser for the event below!

Source: NS