4 Characters Missing From THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy features a bizarre cast of characters that will be pleasing to look at on screen.

As expected, the characters confirmed for the movie are wild and surreal, such as Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Having a tree and a raccoon fight together should be able to capture the imagination of kids everywhere!

This team is very true to the beloved 2008 comic series. The title also features Drax The Destroyer who is known as the man who killed Thanos, Gamora the female alien raised by Thanos, Star-Lord has no direct ties to Thanos but is the man most fit to guard the entire Galaxy.

While this cast of characters are beyond exciting already for comic book fans, there are a few great characters missing that would do much to enhance the story.

Adam Warlock

When there is Thanos there is Warlock. The two characters represent the dark and light halves of the Marvel Universe. Thanos and a rebooted version of Warlock were both created by Jim Starlin. The cosmic based Marvel scribe has a flare for huge cosmic stories, and portrays Warlock as the character with a plan. Starlin has built so much around Thanos spanning over several decades of work. From the major storyline known as Infinity Gauntlet all the way towards the upcoming Infinity even since his inception, Adam Warlock has managed to stay relevant in comic books. While the character may not always have an ongoing title in Marvel comics he has always been featured in a prominent supporting role. There is also a rich history of the character and an evil sort of half knwon as the Magus who Warlock is in a state of constant battle in order to surpress his darker self.


While she is not a permanent member of the group, Moondragon has so much rich history to offer the Marvel movies. The character is a telepath skilled in the martial arts. She is extremely powerful and well respected within the Marvel Universe. In the cosmic side she has ties too so many of the characters that reach really far back. Another aspect that makes the character interesting is her sexuality, Moondragon is a unashamed bisexual. She has dated men, women, and the occasional alien. The telepath will offer much needed diversity to the film and not just because she is a woman.



This addition to the Guardians Of The Galaxy is obvious and needs to happen. Cosmo was a normal dog from the soviet space program, when the Canine launched he drifted into space and grew a mutation. Cosmo grew intelligence and now uses a device that enables him to speak to others. This is a beloved and essential character to Guardians Of The Galaxy. At first Cosmo seems like a joke, but after paying further attention to him as a character the audience will gather an interesting personality from the dog. Cosmo demands to be taken seriously at all times and it opens up such a rich diverse place of humour in the film. The talking dog is not an official member of the team.

 Major Victory

While this character is incredibly complicated he add an alluring sense of mystery to the team. Often in the comic the audience would constantly ask themselves, who or what is Major Victory. The Major was rescued from a block of ice from an asteroid, in an intentional parallel to the origin of Captain America. The hero helps out the team and asks little questions of everyone he is involved with and even himself. Victory has the power if psychokinesis that he can manifest in blasts. At first the strange psychic had limited control of his abilities and blases, now he can shoot them in all directions and control the direction of where they go.


While these characters are really quirky, they are also very interesting. Some like Cosmo are more outlandish than others, yet all in some way are essential to the team. There will likely be more than one of these characters in the team, but getting all of them is likely impossible at this point.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy are encompass such a large space that en entire trilogy could be completely based around them. Fans of the quirky team are in for a treat when the characters make it to the big screen in 2014.