This is the year of Joe Casey as titles like Sex and Godland are tearing up the industry. Check out his latest offering here!

Straight from the glory of Comics’ Greatest World, Frank “Titan” Wells, Amazing Grace and the Agents of Change are back, baby! But you’ve never seen them like this! Superhero comics get a back-alley facelift as these very different champions confront cosmic threats and personal demons—and it all starts at the end of the world as we know it!

In the current indie community there is a stigma about mainstream comics being bad for you. Writer Joe Casey says about as much in the text peice of his column towards the back of the title. Whether indie or mainstream, comic books are still virtually the same. In either medium it is up to the creators to impress the readers with the story or world that they have built. With this comic book I enjoyed the experimental approach to the writing and art, but nothing really caught my interest as a reader. This book functions as an anthology with three stories in every issue. It is difficult to make me care with only 31 pages total in the comic book.

None of the stories here had enough ideas or unique character to enjoy. What ended up being the most enjoyable was the first story in the anthology, which seemed to poke fun of the latest Superman movie. Buildings were destroyed and people died, and the hero archetype could feel some of the pain that he had caused to the world. Some of the moments involving the president were also interesting, as they explored some fresh ideas. Towards the end there is a small moment in the redundant third story of the comic, that shows this saga is pulling punches. Hopefully ideas like this will be explored further in some of the other stories of the comic.

Three different artists have led to a strange mix of styles in this part of the story. An alternative style is presented in all three of the titles that suit the stories well. Dan McDaid has the best of the three, which features a strange blend of Sci-fi and superheroic fair.

This comic may go somewhere interesting in the future, but there are not enough ideas or strong characters to warrant a purchase at the moment.


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