BOOM! Studios Acquires ARCHAIA STARTS Planning To TAKE Over The World!

What happens when that publisher, merges with this publisher?

The answer is of course world domination, and looks a little something like these guys below teaming up!

OH MY! IF YOU ARE A SMALLER INDIE RETAILER RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Two great companies are merging and nobody is going to be safe, save the market share! The news broke earlier today that Archaia was absorbed, deeper plans to reprint some of the older material on the companies back catalogue is now a reality. The publisher has been printing some great material that has been pushing this medium forward for years. This news is definitely a good thing for them, as the company is said to have been going through hard times. BOOM! has also rolled some great stuff this year with titles like Death Match. Reactions are happening all over the industry with a positive spin on the acquisition.

The president of Archaia Jack Cummins had the following to say about the deal,

“We are thrilled and excited to join with BOOM!

“BOOM! is very committed to maintaining the brand we’ve worked so hard to build and preserving our relationship with our creators, fans, and retailers. They’re fans of Archaia first and foremost, and are avidly working behind the scenes to expand our market penetration and carry our catalog deeper into retail channels. Archaia readers can expect the same editorial approach that has garnered industry-wide awards but we will have a much stronger platform to deliver our content in all forms and channels. I am personally looking forward to bringing our team together with the fantastic team Ross [Richie] has built.”

Also check out this snippet of the official press release,

BOOM! Studios, the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic book and graphic novel publisher and two-time winner of Diamond Comics Distributors’ prestigious “Best Publisher” Gem Award, has merged with Eisner and Harvey Award-winning Archaia Entertainment, the publisher of graphic novels including Mouse Guard, A Tale of Sand, Rust, Spera, Cowboy, and Gunnerkrigg Court. BOOM! Studios will be the surviving company and the Archaia brand shall be maintained as a distinct imprint of BOOM!.

The addition of Archaia positions BOOM!’s catalog of intellectual property as the largest independent company-controlled comic book and graphic novel library, behind only industry titans DC Entertainment (Warner Bros.) and Marvel Entertainment (Disney). BOOM!’s comic books and graphic novels pioneer a new business model, sharing intellectual property ownership between the company and the creators who generate the content. BOOM!’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, Ross Richie, noted, “Our creator-friendly model ensures that creatives are rewarded financially as they generate the franchises of tomorrow. Archaia operates with the same philosophy and objectives, which is one of the many reasons this combination is such a great fit.”

Good luck to all those who wish to publish funny books without capes and tights!

Source: CBR