BIG DOG INK Solicitations for OCTOBER 2012


Critter #5

Written By: Tom Hutchison

Art By: Fico Ossio

Cover By: Fico Ossio and Jenevieve Broomall

Description: Critter has just barely gotten to break in her updated costume before she is hit with a mystery from beyond the grave. This special issue tells us just what happened to the former Josie who was killed during a scaffolding collapse at a concert hall. Secrets begin to unravel. Is Critter strong enough to handle the truth?

28 pages, $3.50.

Joan of Arc: From the Ashes #1

Written By: Tom Hutchison

Art By: J. B. Neto

Cover By: J. B. Neto

Description: Joan d’Arc has been many things to many people over the centuries since being burned at the stake at the age of only 19. Joan has spent her time in Heaven wisely and has earned the trust of the Heavenly Host. Now she journeys back to Earth for the first time in hundreds of years with one goal. To save Mary Magdalene from the depths of Hell and may God have mercy on the souls of those that stand in her way.

28 pages, $3.50.

The Legend of OZ: The Wicked West #1

Written By: Tom Hutchison

Art By: Alisson Borges and Kate Finnegan

Cover By: Alisson Borges and Eric Basaldua

Description: The first ongoing series based on L. Frank Baum’s amazing world of Oz! It has been six months since Gale had her final showdown with the Witch of the West and there has been no sign of either. Now, with General Jinjur in control of the Emerald City, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion must find a way to escape the emerald mines and find out what happened to Gale.

28 pages, $3.50.

Rookie Special

Written By: Libbi Rich

Art By: Carlos Renog

Cover By: Carlos Renog

Description: Rookie jumps out of the pages of Critter as she takes a break from superheroing and hits the road to try out for the baseball big leagues. Along the way Rookie meets great friends as well as a series of seemingly random happenings that stand in her way from making it to “The Show.” A single strange event can be chalked up to coincidence, but every time she takes the field? Someone clearly has a grudge, but who?

28 pages, $3.50.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum