Batman: Arkham Origins Update, BIG VILLAIN REVEALED!

The Joker can only be a villain so many times in the Batman universe, which is why the awesome Black Mask will be the villain in the upcoming Batman videogame.

Diversifying the cast of villains will add some true depth to the franchise in the future.

Narrative Director, Dooma Wendschuh added the following insight to the character.

It’s basically Batman’s worst nightmare, We have eight of the best assassins in the world who’ve come together to Gotham City for one night, Christmas Eve of all nights, to kill the Bat.”

The infamous villain is said to be the big bad of the entire game, directly taking the Joker’s position. A promotional standee of the game revealed a slew of villains for the title, including the Joker!

Here are the aforementioned display images, how many hidden villains can you find?

Game Informer newest issue has the scoop on all the latest developments of the game, the following pictures have also leaked from this month’s issue. The pictures display a certain villain up to no good!

Who gave that creepy guy the axe?

To see the final fate of the poor guy on the chair, pick up the full game on October 23rd!

Source: IGN