Batman #28 Review


If it wasn’t enough that Batman fans went into a tizzy at the announcement of the Batman Eternal weekly series coming in April, Scott Snyder and his team give us a tease of what’s to come in Batman #28. If you weren’t excited before this issue will have you drooling in anticipation!

Official description from DC:
A new story that flashes forward to the upcoming weekly series BATMAN ETERNAL! This special issue, written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion with art and cover by Dustin Nguyen, will provide a peek at what’s to come in the weekly series, with glimpses at some key characters in the series.

In the internet world of constant rumors and spoilers, Batman scribe Snyder and James Tynion IV do the unthinkable and pour gasoline on the fire of speculation and innuendo. But it’s all for the best. Teasers for Batman Eternal have been out since the infamous “Batsgiving” image released in November and Batman #28 sheds some light on what’s to come whetting everyone’s appetite for all things Batman. Not only does this issue tease what’s coming but after reading the issue your wheels will begin to spin as you try and contemplate how the Batman, Harper Row and others get to where they are in issue #28.

batmancoverIt’s a tricky to write a review without spoiling a spoiler filled issue but needless to say Snyder and Tynion give away just enough to blow your mind yet not ruin the rest of Batman’s Zero Year. What can be told is that Gotham of the future is in it’s worse state ever plagued by an infection and takeover that will remain a mystery. Harper Row plays a key role in infiltrating the Gotham underground who has a new boss and one you may or may not be surprised by when it’s revealed. Harper has truly grown into her own and becomes a vital asset and the Batcave has someone new at the helm.

Something dark and forboding is coming to Gotham and the new crime boss holds the key to stopping it. By the end at least that much will be fully revealed but while many answers are given, many more questions will rise to the surface. Snyder and Tynion have crafted a real gem of a sneak peek without showing their true hand. It’s mysterious and will keep you guessing even though we get a peek behind the wizard’s curtain.

Dustin Nguyen handles the art duties on this issue and while his style is more illustrated than Greg Capullo’s it’s still a great piece of art. Most of the book takes place underground but is presented as a golden place under the Gotham streets but still has all the darkness and edge one comes to accept form a Batman title. Since this is a look into the future the switch to Nguyen makes sense and is easily on par with DC’s best artists.

Batman #28 brings the goods and Batman fans are treated to an exciting glimpse of Batman Eternal which will have you bursting down comic book shops doors when it finally hits stands in April. If you were on the fence about a new weekly series, Batman #28 will knock you off and plant you squarely on the side of the Eternal series. Snyder, Tynion and Nguyen have sold me and I was already squarely on board. You will be too after reading this issue!



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