So, if you’ve been living under a cave for the past year, then you probably haven’t heard of Marvel’s new crossover event for 2012…Avengers vs. X-Men. It’s this amazing new re-used concept that features the best from “The Earth’s Mightiest” in their battle against “The Children of the Atom”.

As much as I love seeing heroes fight each other in page-turning brawls, I have to admit, the artwork coming from illustrator Frank Cho is a little bit…what’s the best way to say this…interpretive.

The famed Marvel artist was recently attacked for supposedly drawing female genitals on the cover of Avengers vs. X-Men #0. Check it out below:

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but that cape does look a good deal like a ‘bottom beaver’. Here’s Cho’s official response:

It never occurred to me that I was drawing a giant vagina when I drew this cover. I could kind of see it now in its final colored form. It’s funny how people project their fears, concerns and fantasies into other people’s art.

After that tiny offensive, Cho offered up this bit of humor:

Okay. Rebuttal.

Like Georgia O’Keefe, I love vaginas. What’s wrong with vaginas? 😉

So what’d you guys think? Va-j-j or not?