4 Reasons Why the DEADPOOL MOVIE Is A Gold Mine Waiting To Happen

Breaking The 4th Wall Is The Bees Knees

deadpool comedy

I love it when movies break the fourth wall! It’s a great technique used to relate the audience to the story and its characters, and the Deadpool Movie is TOTALLY the place to do it.  By inviting the audience into the characters world. Characters can do this by directly acknowledging the fact that they are in a movie like in Blazing Saddles when the cast literally knocks down the (studio) wall, continuing their fight on a Broadway set next door. Another way is to directly approach the audience like in the opening monologue of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Ferris (Mathew Brodrick) explains “clammy hands” including a moment in the shower where he blocks the camera as he washes his goods. Fight Club has a unique approach in which Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) peers into the lens as the camera trembles and the film melts reminding the audience “…you are not your fucking khakis” and this film is not who you are.

The wonderful thing about Deadpool is that he does all of these!

There wouldn’t have to be a redundant origin movie because Deadpool could explain it directly to the audience in a conversation. He could jump around different genres (there could even be a scene where he becomes a cartoon again) and make comments about today’s expensive movie experience. The possibilities are endless with a Deadpool movie because he is aware of what he is (a comic book antihero) and who we are.

Hollywood Loves Gore Just As Much As We Do


Hollywood is not shy when it comes to graphic content and moviegoers are more than happy to consume it. When Hollywood takes away graphic content from a character that in context is surrounded by violence there will be a backlash. Take the PG-13 rated X-Men Origins: Wolverine for example. The lack of violent content gave fans a watered down Wolverine experience. Not to mention their skewed adaptation of Deadpool. Fans were redeemed with an R rated sequel that presented plentiful action sequences packed with the slices and dices fans craved.

Comic Book Movies WANTED

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Yeah, Deadpool doesn’t have the popularity of Wolverine and he doesn’t have an actor like Hugh Jackman that is beloved by both fans of the movies and comics. What Deadpool does have is an audience whose demands for comic book heroes have spawned grittier comics film adaptations.

Back in the day Hollywood wasn’t popping out super hero movies like the octo-mom. We had to wait. Patiently. Now, these days, in the golden age of superhero movies, it’s like waiting in line at Wal-Mart with extra items begging for you to pick up before you check out.

The decline in demand for comic book movies seems unlikely and the supply for the material is only growing. That makes me a happy fan of both comic books and movies.

Make It Cheap!

deadpool gore no mask

Of course, I would rather see a Deadpool Movie with a huge budget like the Spiderman and X-Men franchises, but I don’t have any objections to something like Punisher: War Zone or better yet, Dredd. Lets face it Deadpool is weird and when you try to explain it to someone who doesn’t understand him you lose them.

That’s because Deadpool is a B-list character that tends to fight B-list villains (or himself) and it would be in true Deadpool form for his first movie to be a B-movie. He could make fun of the fact that execs couldn’t afford top-notch graphics and make us all laugh with his charming puns. All of the flaws of a low budget movie are an opportunity for the merc with the mouth to make funny jokes and some pop culture references.