The name and full cast was only revealed yesterday but the news blitz hasn’t quite stopped yet as today the first official poster for Bond’s 24th outing has been revealed! Simple and classy, just as Bond should be, it’s only a teaser so doesn’t give anything away but damn it if we aren’t so hyped […]

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Is Marvel Teasing a “Future” Spider-Man 2099 Series? (updated) NOPE, It’s a Relaunched X-Title

Continuing the trend of quasi-confusing yet very simple All-New Marvel Now teasers, today Marvel released a new ad featuring the “Future.” Hmmmmmm, what the heck could this be?  Everything seems to be retro these days, and many fans are yearning for 90s themed comics.  One of the most loved 90s comics was Spider-Man 2099.  Since […]

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