Is Marvel Teasing a “Future” Spider-Man 2099 Series? (updated) NOPE, It’s a Relaunched X-Title

spidey logo

Continuing the trend of quasi-confusing yet very simple All-New Marvel Now teasers, today Marvel released a new ad featuring the “Future.”

Hmmmmmm, what the heck could this be?  Everything seems to be retro these days, and many fans are yearning for 90s themed FUTURE-600x819comics.  One of the most loved 90s comics was Spider-Man 2099.  Since Dan Slott recently brought Spidey 2099 into the modern day, I figure Miguel O’Hara is next in line for a Spidey spinoff title.  Slott left O’Hara stranded in the Now with a lot of room for his story to grow.  Plus, both Venom and Scarlet Spider had their series recently cancelled so you know Marvel is going to release more Spidey spinoffs.

The thing that makes me think it is not Spidey 2099 is the purple and gold color scheme.  But that could easily be explained if he was given a new costume.

If it is not Spidey 2099, who else could it be?  Some new story line that takes place in the future?  A new teen hero book.  Could it be a series featuring those funky mutant weirdos that were stranded in the past during X-Men: Battle of the Atom?  Naaaaah, I doubt it.

The book is set to drop March 2014 and will be written by Jason Latour (Punisher MAX, A+X and Winter Soldier), with art by Mahmud Asrar (Indestructible Hulk).


NOPE.  Not Spidey 2099.  I was wrong.  My bad.  It was a good guess, and I still predict Spidey 2099 gets his own series.  But it was Wolvie and The X-Men being relaunched.  Laaaaame, but a great marketting tool by Marvel to relaunch the title non-stop according to Wolverine’s school’s semesters.  Read more about it here.


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