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AGDQ 15: Prepare for Epic, Awesomeness

Awesome Games Done Quick, or AGDQ for short, begins Sunday, January 4  and ends the 10th. What’s this? Glad you asked, it’s a marathon week where fanboys and fangirls beat games as fast as humanly possible, and some faster then that! With things like TASBots, that’s Tool Assisted Speedrun Bots, we see everyone involved use every trick and […]

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CAPCOM CUP: A Fight to Remember

This Saturday is the 2nd Annual Capcom Cup. The 16 Best Street Fighter players from around the globe will clash for a chance at the $50,000 prize and the Crown of Ultra Street Fighter 4 World Champion. If you don’t know this one is invitation only, meaning that only the best are allowed. In contrast, most tournaments are […]

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The 2014 GAME AWARDS: What YOU Need to Know

It’s been a wonderful year for gaming. And with it, a new celebration has been created. The 2014 Game Awards ask the hardest of Questions that only a Jury of twenty eight dudes from International Media can answer. Nominations for Game of The Year, Best Independent Game, Best Family Game, Best Remastered, Best Soundtrack, and […]

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