AGDQ 15: Prepare for Epic, Awesomeness

Awesome Games Done Quick, or AGDQ for short, begins Sunday, January 4  and ends the 10th.

What’s this?

Glad you asked, it’s a marathon week where fanboys and fangirls beat games as fast as humanly possible, and some faster then that! With things like TASBots, that’s Tool Assisted Speedrun Bots, we see everyone involved use every trick and glitch in the book to get through without breaking the software. It’ll be fun to keep up with on my end.

I watch a lot Speedruns while I work on my YouTube channel or while I write up articles for Unleash The Fanboy! So I’m excited to have so many more runs to watch that I won’t get to catch Live.

imagesWhat makes a play through a speed run?

First and foremost it’s playing a game from beginning to end as fast as you can but there are different categories. Typically these are labeled as “Any%” just beat the game as soon as possible, “100%” beat the game as soon as possible but everything there is or “Glitched/Glitchless” where players use known glitches in the game to beat it faster.

But like I said it depends on the game, Most classic Mario games have a “Warpless” run where you don’t use warp pipes or whistles to get to world 8 to beat Bowser faster. And Mario 64 has a Zero, One, Sixteen, Seventy, and One Hundred Twenty Star runs.

download (4)Why should I care about this?

I mean, it sounds cool to check it out but do they just come together to speed run games for 150 consecutive hours?” Though it’s best to think of this like an old school Telethon, where they brought a whole bunch of famous people in to sing or preform for you. It’s a lot like that, just replace Nick Cage with a skilled gamer.

Every Marathon ran by Speed Demos Archive (Or SDA) and Speedruns Live (SRL) has had a donation drive for charity, This AGDQ will be taking donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. If that’s not enough, they will be raffling prizes and giving you bid wars plus goals to meet.

With all this in mind I hope you’ll spend a little bit of your time, and spare change, watching AGDQ sometime this week. I know I will. Me and the whole production team have planned watching Friday all day. And donating during Super Mario RPG.

download (2)

If you’re looking for more of what I do, you can check out my YouTube Channel. It’s a been a little barren lately but we’re getting back into the swing of things with my newest Wak News, and other videos that didn’t go up last month. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter by searching the TheDoodFrankWak.

I’m hype for AGDQ and I hope you are!


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