CAPCOM CUP: A Fight to Remember


This Saturday is the 2nd Annual Capcom Cup.

The 16 Best Street Fighter players from around the globe will clash for a chance at the $50,000 prize and the Crown of Ultra Street Fighter 4 World Champion. If you don’t know this one is invitation only, meaning that only the best are allowed.

In contrast, most tournaments are open to anyone willing to put their abilities to the test. They last over a three day weekend having multiple games to watch. This one’s only Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Editor’s Note: Evolution Series, known to be the Super Bowl of Fighting Game Tournaments, had an outstanding 1200+ entrants for Ultra Street Fighter 4 alone. infographic-all-5-evo-champions

Two time Evo Winner Daigo “The Beast” Umehara didn’t even break the top 64 at Evolution this year, But I expect to see a good show from him at Capcom Cup. His first round is against long time rival, and the man he defeated to win his first Evo Title, Justin Wong; Wong’s better known for his Dominance in the Marvel vs Capcom series but is no push-over in recent SF titles. Some of you may remember a piece of Fighting game history better known as “Evo Moment #37” where The Beast full parry’s Chun-Li‘s 1 Frame Super (that’s 1/60th of a second) to win the first round of a Semi-Final set Daigo would go on to win over JWong. Team Evil Geniuses; Better known by EG, Ricky Ortiz and Puerto Rican Balrog go head to head in the first round. It’s safe to say it’ll be a great set to watch as the two team mates know each other really well. The youngest entrant in this tournament CRS|NuckleDu is going th (1)against the U.K’s finest DIG|PodigalSon. Two of the five named “Gods of Street Fighter Japan” clash round 1. Can Bonchan‘s Sagat topple Fuudo‘s calm and collected Fei Long? Brazil’s best CNB|ChuChu goes against former Champion Infiltration. With a Plethora of Characters he’s no stranger to picking the best choice to combat whoever he has to fight. ChuChu‘s C.Viper will have his work cut out for him in this first round match up. Speaking of having his work cut out for him. Japan’s Nishikin and his mighty Blanka will have a hard time against Current Evo Champion MD|Luffy. Rose is a hard match up for Blanka but Luffy stated in an interview that he plays terribly against the Brazilian Beast. SoCal’s SnakEyez will have an up hill battle against EG|Momochi. Momochi Could go Juri in this match up but I think he has a better chance against the best Zangief player in the United States if he plays it out with Ken. I’d love to see SnakEyez go far in this tournament. Lastly Former Evo Champion RZR|Xian is facing off against France’s Chun-Li GL|ValMaster. Not sure what to think here but I know it’ll be a great match to watch. This most certainly is going to be a fight to the finish. There’s plenty of reason to watch this years Cup. The tournament will be hype, The Omega Mode Exhibition will be interesting but what’s on my mind is Street Fighter V.

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Capcom announced it as a PS4 and PC exclsive, but gave no detail as to when it’ll be released, what mechanics the  game will off or what characters will return. From what we have seen through the Teaser and the Gameplay Trailer, it looks like a cleaner, more realistic take on the Street Fighter 4 graphics.

Yoshinori Ono has promised a big announcement in relation to the new game and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Due to how long it’s taken Capcom to announce it’s existence I fear a 2016 Release is inevitable.

For all information regarding the Stream Schedule, history of this event, and all things regarding Capcom Fighters! Check the Link below, but until next time. I’m Frank Wak. Weebly logo