Cut To: Podcast

CUT TO: Podcast – STAR WARS Speculation and Every TV Show Ever

After that, uh, lengthy break, full episodes of your favorite podcast have returned! We apologize in advance because this is what folks who enjoy television might call “filler”. There have been no good movies out the past couple of weeks, so instead we review some of our favorite TV shows, including Rick and Morty, Mr. Robot, […]

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CUT TO: Close Up – On Spoilers

You’re (hopefully) familiar with CUT TO: Podcast by now, but every now and then we do what’s called a CUT TO: Close Up. Close Ups are condensed episodes that focus on a specific topic which we talk intimately about and that wouldn’t carry an entire episode. This week focuses on spoilers. Don’t worry, we don’t […]

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CUT TO: Podcast – Fantastic Snore

CUT TO: Podcast is back, bringing you another scintillating episode! This week, Connor and I discuss the 20th Century Fox still-birth, Fantastic Four! We get into what happened behind-the-scenes during production and who is really to blame for this mess. Adam Kaz, Dan Doherty and Devin Meenan – who have all been on the show before […]

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