Black Panther

Fanboy Round-Up: STAR WARS! STAR WARS! STAR WARS (and Marvel)!

Welcome one and all to Fanboy Round-Up – one of those lazy excuses for an article when you don’t have anything else to write about. Have you been especially busy this week and haven’t had time to check out all the latest and greatest geek news? Well, that sucks, but fret not; it’s all here! […]

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The BLACK PANTHER Director Shortlist is Narrowed Down (A Bit)

  Black Panther isn’t out for over three years, but it’s a film which we’ve heard a lot about in regards to its director. The most prominent name which kept bobbing up is that of Ava DuVernay, the biggest African-American female director in Hollywood right now. That’s down to directing Selma, the biopic of Martin […]

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