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Fangirl Unleashed: Could ULTRAVIOLET fill the TRUE BLOOD shaped hole in your life?

With the announcement that True Blood is finally getting staked next season (not before time, many would argue, but that’s a discussion for another day), does the thought of a slick vampire drama starring Bill himself, Stephen Moyer, alongside such heavy hitters as Idris Elba and Smash’s Jack Davenport make your blood tingle? Well, you […]

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10 Reasons Why THE LOST BOYS are still the coolest vampires ever

It’s hard to believe in these post-Twilight/True Blood days, but vampires weren’t always this endemic. Back in the 80s, before Buffy staked her place in popular culture, the cinematic vamp was a pathetic creature indeed – a moribund cliché tied to history, more often inspiring comedy than fear. Then came The Lost Boys. Smart, sexy and stylish, The Lost Boys made vampires […]

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Fangirl Unleashed: How THE WOLVERINE Represented Women and Race Better Than PACIFIC RIM

While lots of people were just excited to see Pacific Rim because of its (admittedly thrilling) ‘giant robots punching giant dinosaurs’ premise, in certain circles the film also created a lot of advance buzz for being visibly different from the average blockbuster. Just look at those posters if you wonder why; a multiracial cast and […]

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