FANGIRL UNLEASHED: 7 Reasons Why I’m glad COULSON Lives

I may have mentioned, once or twice, how excited I am about Agents of SHIELD. I do, I admit, have a couple of reservations (Ming-Na aside, the cast of actual agents seems very white, very young and filled with the kind of slightly fratty, instantly forgettable pretty people you see in too many shows, which is disappointing, and you have to wonder how they will manage to tie the show into the wider universe without buggering up the movies). But one thing this little Fangirl heart is thrilled about it that Agent Coulson returns, and I don’t care how they explain it. Here, I put to you, are some reasons you also should be glad that #CoulsonLives.


He’s a Fanboy

Oh, come on, who didn’t love him crushing a little on Steve Rogers and being overly proud of his vintage Captain America card collection? He’s a geek, just like us! (Anyone who follows Clark Gregg’s Twitter feed will also note he’s an absolute doll to his fans, too, so bonus points for that).


The West Wing Connection

The West Wing was my favourite TV show EVER, so I have a soft spot for anyone who  appeared in it, but who can resist the fact that Clark Gregg actually played an FBI Agent in this show – Agent Casper, who tended to share many of the same no nonsense characteristics as Coulson. Conspiracy theory, anyone? SHIELD putting people into the White House? I wouldn’t put it past ‘em.



Obama Likes Him!

Or, The REAL West Wing Connection. One place you know Coulson would be welcome is the modern Oval Office, since unrepentant geek Barack Obama accidentally spoiled the movie for half the world when he tweeted Stan Lee about killing off Coulson, threatening to invoke presidential privilege if he wasn’t brought back.


He’s brave and secretly kick ass

Anyone who has seen the Marvel One Shot A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer will know that Coulson is capable of foiling an armed petrol station robbery with nothing more than a bag of flour, and in The Avengers he was willing to face down a demi-God while armed with a gun that he had no idea how to use. That’s some serious bravery, there.


But he doesn’t need to show off

A little guy in the room full of very big guys with superpowers, Coulson nonetheless never has to prove anything and is always happy to be underestimated. What possible trouble could Mr Meek and Mild be, right?


He cares more about people than stuff

See! They’re friends, really!

It was just a throwaway moment in The Avengers, except Whedon doesn’t really do throwaway moments. When a bunch of SHIELD agents overturned a trolley of tech during the evacuation, they went to try and save it – it was Coulson who told them to leave it and get out, saving themselves first.


He didn’t leave Baby in the corner

OK, this is completely irrelevant, but the fact that Clark Gregg is married to Jennifer ‘Dirty Dancing’ Grey might just be my favourite celebrity fact ever.


What are you most looking forward to from Agents of SHIELD? Let me know in the comments!

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