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Batman: The Dark Knight #11 Review

Bruce Wayne finds his life stretched thin as he deals with a new Ukranian girlfriend and the Scarecrow’s decision to kidnap Commissioner Gordon… and use fear gas against children!  As our hero descends into terror, he must ask himself: Can his relationship with his girlfriend last?  Will he be able to save the Commissioner?  Is […]

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #11 Review

Red Hood, Roy Harper, and Starfire pick up their adventures in space, as they make their way to Tamaran.  Our heroes must make some tough decisions: Will they protect Tamaran?  Will Roy and Koriandr ever get together?  What will Mr. Hood do about Isabel?  Find out some of these answers and more in the review […]

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Nightwing #11 Review

Last we left Nightwing he was at the perils of Paragon, will he be able to escape in time to stop his villainous plan?  Find out below. The official description from DC: The Republic of Tomorrow, Today ” continues! NIGHTWING faces off against PARAGON, the leader of an anti-GOTHAM CITY group! The arc continues, and the battle is […]

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