Holy Musical Batman… A Rock Ballad Filled Show

I’m not exactly a huge fan of musicals… alright, that’s a blatant lie… but in all honesty, I’m definitely not a fan of the recent deluge of superhero themed musicals. Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark is such an abysmal pile of pop culture vomit, I can’t honestly understand why so many people have flocked to theatres to see it. And then, of course, there’s the slightly better offerings made by DC’s Superman and Batman throughout the years. ┬áBut still… superhero musicals tend to be the worst possible marriage between comics and theatre.

Well, it seems that a fan-made musical featuring everyone’s favorite Dark Knight is looming on the horizon. Filled with rock ballads and borderline copyright infringement, it’s destined to be an awesome addition to the world of fanboy-dom. Check out the teaser for this Holy Musical Batman below…

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