After the recent “leak”, people wondered if the Smash Bros. website would continue to update with new characters. Now we know, as Shulk has been confirmed at last!

Shulk is the teenaged hero of the popular (and infamous) Wii sci-fi RPG, Xenoblade Chronicle. The game gained popularity in North America after it took a large operation, Operation Rainfall, just to get it to American shores. A sequel for the Wii U is in the works.

In Smash Bros, Shulk’s main weapon, of course, is the Monado, a legendary energy blade that can cut through anything. The energy beam emitting from the sword can extend to an extent. Who needs projectiles?

Shulk Smash Bros Wii U

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Shulk’s gameplay is the Monado Arts system. When you activate the Monado Arts, you can change your own stats and abilities, with different Monado symbols giving you more defense, or higher attack power, or faster movement.

Along with Shulk, a stage from Xenoblade Chronicles has been confirmed: Gaur Plain, which looks like a utopia planet from Star Trek or something.

Shulk is arguably the 8th swordfighter to be playable in the next Smash Bros, but his energy sword helps give him a different feel than the others, in my opinion. In terms of design, it actually may be the best sword, and most practical.

Shulk Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will be released in October for the former, and sometime this Winter for the latter.

So, was Shulk on your dream list, or a totally cool surprise? Sound off below, and check out the link for the cool new trailer!

Smash Bros Shulk