An Australian mother is blaming Blizzards blockbuster RPG World of Warcraft for her son’s rapidly deteriorating health. After purchasing the game two years ago, the 13 year old has turned into a pre-pubescent hermit. His mother explains

…from a boy who exercised, played soccer and rode his bike around, he does none of things any more. He’s starting to go hunchback.

He’s missed hundreds of school days since he’s received the game, all in pursuit of WOW‘s alluring treasures and enemy ‘drops’. After several visits from the local truancy officer, the boy’s mother attempted to have her son placed in a mental health facility, but he’s simply too big to move. He’s been gorging on greasy foods, and coupled with his sedentary life style, no one can budge him. She states:

I saw a judge because we have just gone around in circles for the last eight months and she said they didn’t know what to do because they could not physically put him (the boy) anywhere. A psychiatrist was all for picking him up and basically putting him into hospital because his health is deteriorating.

So what do you guys think? Is the mother to blame here? Or is the powerful bond between gamers and World of Warcract too strong to break?