Which One of You Bastards Broke Diablo 3?

If you’re one of the many diehard fans who’ve been waiting on hands and knees to play Blizzard’s Diablo 3, you might have to wait a bit longer. Apparently the RPG behemoth has one ridiculously crippling bug in its system that’s barring all affected gamers from logging into their profile. But, it just so happens that we know how to avoid this little road bump, so listen up.

Early in the game you’ll meet a Templar, but don’t equip him with anything! At least, don’t until you’ve added him to your merry group of hackers and slashers. If you give him anything (especially shields), you run the risk of activating that terrible little bug, which will boot you from your game and block you from your profile.

This whole fiasco appears to be specific to Demon Hunters, which is good news for the cooler classes (yea… I said it). Make sure you come back to UTF and we’ll let you know when Blizzard smooths it out!

SOURCE: Kotaku