This NINTENDO Smartphone Concept is a Dream Come True

While Nintendo may not always be the most successful company, they have revolutionized the world of gaming many a time, what with the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii. More recently they have delved into the world of mobile gaming, and graphic designer Pierre Cerveau has taken that one step further with some excellently-imaginative concept art for a full-on mobile phone, dubbed the Smart Boy!

nintendo smart boy concept

Pretty fucking neat, huh?

However, it isn’t just a phone. Cerveau also designed it with gaming in mind, as you can attach a ‘Game Bat’ fit with all your traditional Nintendo controls.

nintendo smart boy concept game bat

Fortunately, a fully-licensed Super Mario mobile game will probably happen sooner rather than later, so this particular addition maybe isn’t too far-fetched. Shame it won’t be on a Nintendo smartphone, which I now totally want/need.

One part I like is the ability to insert different cartridges into the phone; one is an external battery, another adds 128GB of external memory and another is a 13MP camera. An actual Nintendo smartphone wouldn’t need an additional cartridge to operate a camera, but we’ll let this slide because it looks cool.

nintendo smart boy concept cartridges

There is a lot to like in this awesome design, however my favourite simply has to be this. Like with the camera, in any real smartphone produced by Nintendo this option probably wouldn’t exist and would instead be relegated to fans’ imaginations, but I love it regardless.

nintendo smart boy concept 8-bit

Boasting an Android operating system, you have the option to save power by converting the graphics to the classic 8-bit gaming style. How friggin’ cool is that?

Unfortunately, there’s been no indication that Nintendo intends to go into the world of smartphone hardware despite their upcoming mobile game ventures. However, they did recently tease a brand new gaming platform called the NX, with the late company president Satoru Iwata saying it is a “brand new concept”. A reveal is promised for 2016. Could it be something resembling this? Even if it isn’t, hopefully somebody at Nintendo sees this floating around the interwebs and it sparks their imagination.

nintendo smart boy