It’s too often gamers come across a zombie game with potential that isn’t properly utilized, but this sir, is no ordinary zombie game. It’s more of a survival game that happens to include zombies. Our story starts off with two friends who were out on a fishing trip, Marcus and Ed. We begin the game whilst playing as Marcus, but soon after we complete the tutorial we get access to different characters, except Ed, he needs medical attention.

Once we complete the tutorial we drive to the nearest town, it’s here where the game really kicks off. As I said, this game is ultimately a survival game, so we have to scavenge houses and gather supplies from gun stores. The AI for both survivors and zombies is pretty flawless, the survivors are useful for coming over to gather supplies and the zombies are a worthy challenge to the player. That being said the game isn’t that difficult, I know that sounds contradictory but so far while the zombies do slow you down and provide a challenge, sometimes they seem too easy to kill, especially in groups of two or more survivors.

What’s really great about this game is the way resources are handled. Besides being a zombie game, it is fairly realistic. For example, once a house is scavenged and the resources are taken or when a shop is looted, those items aren’t coming back. Or when a car is destroyed (happens more often than you think) they won’t respawn at all.

The sense of realism means that ammo, food, and weapons are all scarce, and it could possibly mean not taking any more survivors in in the future. But it’s so important to put your resources to use. Over time some survivors will get injured and all of them will get tired. By collecting materials you can build a medical area and a sleeping are to help survive.

State of Decay is a unique survival based zombie game, for an arcade game it’s very impressive and well worth your money.


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