Sony Teasing “When Worlds Collide” – Possible Release Date?

Sony are no stranger to teasing games, heck they’ve even had teasers for adverts before. Which is why when they posted a very vague teaser image on their Twitter, god knows what it’s actually for.

While there’s not much to go on here a couple of guesses can be made. Firstly, the words – “When worlds collide” immediately make me think of Sony’s answer to Smash Bros, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. The first PASBR was a pretty big flop, but perhaps with the momentum of a new generation of hardware behind them they are willing to put out a sequel on a platform where it has more room to breath.

It could also be a reference to the already announced Killzone: Shadowfall. In this game, the two opposing factions in an age old war between Helghast and ISA are forced to live on one planet together. That certainly sounds like two worlds colliding…

However, the actual image suggests otherwise. In Sony’s premier studio Sony Santa Monica’s last game God of War: Ascension there was this teaser image:

The curvature of the light on the planet certainly looks similar and we don’t know what Santa Monica are working on for Playstation 4 yet so this is certainly one possibility.

Talking of giant planetoids though, we can’t forget Destiny. Upcoming game from famed developer behind the Halo franchise, Bungie. PS4 is already getting exclusive content for Destiny but could they be hinting at more?

Finally – and this is the most exciting theory – is that the picture shows a solar eclipse. The next solar eclipse is scheduled to be… on November 3rd 2013. Could this be an obscure tease at the release date of the Playstation 4? November 3rd would be pretty significant as it’s two days earlier than Xbox One’s supposed release date of November 5th.

It looks like IGN have the exclusive scoop on what this teaser means, which suggests it’s more than likely a game franchise rather than release date but we can hope. A couple of people are hoping its a tease for a Vita game, providing much needed content to a catalogue that is looking pretty barren after some big releases later this year.

Source: IGN