Review: The Walking Dead: The Game – Episode 2: Starved for Help

Phew thats a lot of semi colons for one post title! Yesterday saw the sudden release of the second chapter of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead game on the Xbox 360 (tomorrow for all you PS3 and PC gamers out there). After vague “by the end of June” release promises the game has finally arrived, but does it live up to the great first chapter and was it worth the wait? In short, YES!

The story picks up 3 months after chapter one (hey it’s almost real time…. yes I’m bitter about having to wait so long!) and finds our band of rag tag survivors still holed up in the motel struggling for food. Things kick into high gear almost immediately as Lee (the protagonist) is forced to make some pretty big decisions.

If you are a fan of action or survival games then this probably isn’t for you, the best way to describe the gameplay is as an interactive movie, so with this in mind the script has to be really good to keep the player engaged, and luckily it is. The story is utterly tremendous and even though I saw the “twist” comng a mile off it didn’t make the reveal any less shocking (there is a reason this game is rated R) you feel utterly engaged at all times and the well written story and dialogue really gives you an emotional investment in almost all of the characters. Despite there being a severe lack of action to contend with (more than episode 1 however) it really is the story segments that you will cherish, and the fact that you end up dreading zombie and bandit attack really is a testament to how good the writing in this game is.

The sexy comic inspired graphics are the same as in chapter one, and while not earth shattering they are beautiful in their own right and pretty darn good for a downloadable release. The audio is also great, from perfect delivery from the cast to great sound effects as Lee’s axe crashes into a zombies undead skull.

Whilst I recommend this for anyone who enjoys engaging stories, it really is a must own for all fans of the Walking Dead comic, the characters whilst all new feel like they are ripped straight from the world of the comics. Honestly the only downsides were a few glitches (nothing game breaking), the occasional dodgy camera angle and the fact that I have to wait a possible 2 months for chapter 3! I want to know what happens next and I want it now!