Predator will show off his hunting skills as he fights his way through equally deadly Mortal Kombat fighters, as part of the DLC for the critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat X.

Predator will be pit against warriors from hell, half dragon four armed beasts – even the enigmatic Jason Vorhees, who has been killed many times, but still finds his way back into the realm of the living. Predator is no push over, however, with his own arsenal of weapons and his savage hunting techniques, that will prove even the most powerful of warriors will be looking over their shoulders, and even in front of them, fearing when the Predator will strike!

Joining Predator as part of the DLC will be Commando Johnny Cage – mirroring Ol’ Arnie’s role in the first Predator movie – Inferred Scorpion, whose hellfire will be impossible to mask (even when covered in mud) and, wait for it… Carl Weathers as Jax, allowing him to at long last get his revenge against the Predator for killing him off in the first movie, only this time he’ll have powerful ground smashing cybernetic arms!

mortal kombat2

As you guys know, Predator made his debut in the aptly-titled Predator, as an alien stalking a squad of highly trained commando’s in some remote jungle, killing most of them using elaborate traps, only to be out done by a mud covered Arnold Schwarzenegger. There have since been sequels, comics, games, and crossovers featuring the character, and this is just the latest in a (very) long line of those appearances.

Predator will be available July 7th for those who have bought the Kombat Pack, with the Predators skin pack included. Those who didn’t will have to wait until July 14th (suckers!).

mortal kombat1

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