PC GAMER Build The Best Gaming Machine OF ALL TIME


Yesterday PC Gamer posted something incredible. They posted an article. An article about a computer. A special computer. A computer I would never ever have enough money for. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Large Pixel Collider.

large pixel collider

Ain’t she pretty?

This is one monster of a machine, it’s incredible. Here’s a  quote from PC Gamer:

We also want the LPC to continually express what’s possible on Our Dear Platform. We’ll swap in new parts whenever we believe we can increase performance, and we’ll haul it with us to trade shows like PAX for you to see, hug, and take photos with like some sort of shopping mall Santa Claus that can run Battlefield 4 at 7680×1440. We’ve even built a special lair for the system at www.pcgamer.com/LPC, where we’ll track the progress of the build.


This is just incredible, gaming has come so far and it will only keep evolving and evolving and evolving and evolving, and evolving some more. It’s a shame that the “next-gen” consoles are years behind this, and by the time the next batch of consoles arrive and have the power on display by the collider, gaming will have changed again. It won’t stop going, and consoles are just eating the dust off of the lamborghini’s that drive off into the magical PC sunset.

All of the details about this PC, it’s components, and gameplay videos over 1080p, can be found here.


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