Our Top 5 GAMES Of June

Ah Summer, a brilliant time where the weather is fine, with so many opportunities to play video games. Here’s a list of our top 5 games being released this month.

5) Game & Wario

Come June 28th we’re getting another Wario game for Wii-U. I’m guessing it’s meant to be a family game due to the whole game being broken into 16 mini games.


4) Remember Me


We’re still not 100% sold on Remember me, but it seems to have a strong storyline, but an awkward game engine and painful platforming has been reported.

   Missed opportunity or cult offering? Find out on Friday…

3) State Of Decay

State of Decay takes a more survivalist approach to the zombie apocalypse, placing a greater focus on evasion, preparation, fortification, resource management and exploration. It’s looking a little glitchy, but hopefully when it becomes downloadable tomorrow we’ll see it thrive.

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2) Deadpool 

This really could go either way, but it’s looking good. Despite a lack of gameplay footage, there’s a good bit to be happy about, for instance there’s Nolan North voice acting, and a fourth-wall shattering (anti)hero to play as.

This is pretty much the biggest bit of gameplay footage released and you probably haven’t seen it before, so this ought to keep you going until June 25th.

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1) The Last Of  Us

Sadly I won’t be playing this because I don’t have a PS3, but i’m going to drop my Xbox fanboy act and just admit that this game looks amazing. From what we can tell it looks like another different take on the zombie apocalypse, except focusing on your family and what you’ll do to protect them. Released June 14th.

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Let us know what games you’ll be playing this month in the comments below!