Live Action Street Fighter Series in the works!

The good news just keeps coming and coming right now, with Capcom announcing a live action series based on the legendary Street Fighter series, which will be produced by Assassin’s Fist Limited.

If Assassin’s Fist Limited sounds familiar to you it might be because they were the ones behind the awesome low budget short Street Fighter: Legacy which hit our computer screens last year:

Officially titled Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, the series is scheduled to debut in 2013 and will tell the story of the early years of Ryu and Ken, as they live a traditional warrior’s life in secluded Japan, and learn the near extinct art of ‘Ansatsuken’ (Assassin’s Fist).

It wasn’t revealed whether other fan favourites ill be appearing but we’ve got our fingers crossed that if the series is popular enough we will eventually see a vast roster of characters from the video game series.

Check out the official announcement video below:

Street Fighter: Legacy was awesome for a Fan Film but it will be interesting to see what these guys can come up with on a bigger budget! Lets just hope Capcom don’t try and sell each episode to fans at $20 a piece.