HALF LIFE 2: Episode 3 Is Finally Here?!

I know, I know, I know. It’s April 1st – April Fool’s day. That means everyone has full licence to post whatever the hell they like and claim it as a prank. But when you see one of the most anticipated, long overdue games pop up on the Steam store for pre-order you have to wonder…

Today, Half-Life 2: Episode Three appeared on the Steam store here. Or did it? When you click on the page all you receive is a pop up saying April Fool’s from Cheap Shark. Similarly if you click on the pre-order button you will find something in your cart. Then you realize (hopefully) that you’ve actually added a copy of Catz Petz 2 to your Steam account – and then you weep into  your keyboard.

Kudos to the guys at Cheap Shark, this is one of the best April Fool’s I’ve seen so far. The page looks legit and Half-Life fanboys are so desperate for any news on their favorite franchise that they devour up any little tidbits. This must have been a field day for those who seem unable to suspect a trap when it comes to Half Life, especially after last year’s Half-Life 3 debacle.

Let us know some of your other favorite gaming theme’d April Fool’s pranks, from The Witcher musical to Mojang’s Mars Effect, in the comments section below!

Source: Steam