GTA V Cover Art Is Revealed – Now With Dogs!

Whenever the smallest tidbit about an upcoming GTA game hits the web, fanboys everywhere squirm in an effort not to crap their pants. Most probably failed in this endeavor when the official Grand Theft Auto V cover art was revealed by Rockstar. The game is due to hit store shelves on September 17th and here’s what it’ll look like:

We got a glimpse of the cover yesterday in the form of a graffiti mural being painted on the side of a Manhattan building, but it being April Fool’s and all, people weren’t sure whether to trust it. Seems like it was legit however and we get our standard GTA fare here, a segmented cover showing core aspects of the game; girls, guns, gas masks, get-away vehicles and… dogs.


If this isn’t enough to get you pumped, why don’t you go back and check out the trailer for the 8 billionth time like us?

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Source: Rockstar