Godzilla: Strike Zone Launch Trailer & Review

Godzilla: Strike Zone has just launched! “What is that?” you ask? Even I didn’t know about it up until a few hours ago. Legendary has released a rather unexpected web game, putting you in the footsteps of a soldier in the midst of Godzilla walking around San Francisco. What’s the best part? It’s free and you could play it by simply installing the plugin on the site!

There are three levels. The first one has you do the HALO jump into the city. The graphics aren’t world-breaking, but you can’t expect much from a three-level free-to-play game. With that said, the graphics look pretty solid. The story is based on the opening scene from the first trailer, which is interesting since it gives us a look at how Godzilla might appear in some shots in the film. The HALO jump was a nice starter, but it’s the other two where the action is.

These two levels work the same way. First you’re on ground and then you’re on the rooftops. The first-person perspective works great, it’s a shame the only things you shoot are just to help advance through obstacles. These levels are nicely cinematic and mimic the look of what we saw in the trailer well. The music when Godzilla appears is very cool, and the ominous MUTO roar heard in the background makes the whole thing very atmospheric. (Sadly, the enemy monsters don’t actually appear.)


It’s a nice little game and fun preparation for the movie. It also goes to show how awesome a big console game based on the film could be. If a simple 3 level web game is this much fun, can you imagine how great a console one would be? If they don’t make one, they should at least add more levels to this after the movie releases.

And finally the trailer and the link where you can go and play it yourself!

Join a squadron of military heroes on a dangerous mission to face the ultimate force of nature: GODZILLA. Experience the breathtaking high-altitude sky jump from the movie as you air-drop into a devastated San Francisco and embark on a series of first-person rescue missions to evacuate survivors before it’s too late. Your courage has never been more needed than it is today. See GODZILLA in theaters May 16.