EPIC as Fuark: Donkey Kong Country Theme

With all of the fan boys raging over the news of a new side scrolling Super Mario for the 3DS, I wanted to bring back the best 2D platformer in history. In this week’s Epic as Fuark article, I’ll be talking about the opening credits theme that drove everybody bananas when it first pounded their eardrums (Yes, I’ll be using terrible puns!). The game? Donkey Kong Country, of course (or DKC for the hipsters out there).

I remembered getting Donkey Kong Country for Christmas as a child and being furious that my dad bought me a monkey game instead of Street Fighter Tournament Edition! After all, what was cool about a primate platformer? Boy, was I wrong.

While I had to watch Nintendo Power’s “Donkey Kong Country: Exposed” before my monkey-sized brain understood how using pre-rendered 3D modeling with a limit-pushing new compression ratio was a huge achievement for Rare and the 16 bit SNES, I immediately knew that Donkey Kong Country would surpass Super Mario Brothers 2 as my favorite platformer when I first heard the intro song.

When Donkey Kong first trolls his grandpa Cranky Kong like the gorilla ***hole that he is and starts jungle boogying to his new loyal fan base, I knew that King K. Rool was going to get pounced along with the rest of those douche Kremlings (and Candy Kong was going to provide the kisses :D).

While the soundtrack is known as one of the best in game history (up there with Sonic the Hedgehog 2); this first song in the opening credits is easily the best of the soundtrack (you can check out all the tunes on the DK Jamz cd!). And besides this “Epic as Fuark” addition to musical history, I’m pretty sure that the Kong family (Cranky, Funky, Candy, and Kiddy) was the inspiration for the Klumps in Eddie Murphy’s The Nutty Professor.

Do you have a favorite video game tune? Sound off in the comments below!