E3 2013: No E3 Is Complete Without GIFS – The Story So Far!

A time honored tradition of E3 is that when all of the conferences are said and done, various gifs about the show flood the internet. While there haven’t been many taken from the actual presentations this year (Wii Music Drummer was a classic), a hoard of gifs showing Sony and Nintendo double teaming the crap out of Microsoft are swamping message boards and comments sections. Here’s a selection of the best to tell the story thus far.

Disclaimer: I promise I tried to find some that showed Microsoft in a favorable light, but hey, the internet is unforgiving…

Game of Thrones is all over this, Microsoft pay attention!

They just couldn’t hold their own…

People were overwhelmed with Sony’s flawless victory

Mostly because of their response to the whole online DRM issue

People said Nintendo were just onlookers, that they had nothing to offer, but at least they weren’t taking the punches


But Nintendo had a pretty swish showing themselves

And after people saw the beauty of Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, A Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D Land and Bayonetta 2, the haters were blown away

Now I’m not saying this is entirely accurate. Microsoft showed some great stuff for the Xbox One that looks genuinely exciting but if there’s one thing the internet likes to get riled up for it’s a good backlash.

Sony won a lot of support over it’s relatively open policy for the next generation (PS+ subscription for online multiplayer withstanding) and Nintendo appeased it’s hardcore following by showing the next iterations of some of the most beloved franchises in gaming.

People are quick to hate which is a shame, but at least we get these awesome gifs out of it!