ANIME TUESDAY: Sekatsuyo – “Now This is Pro Wrestling!” Review

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Previously on Sekatsuyo:

Sakura isn’t fairing well in her pro wrestling career. With 50 straight losses all due to the Boston Crab she contemplates giving up, that is until she is approached by the Women’s Champion Misaki Toyoda. Spoiler’s Ahead!

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Still stuck in Misaki’s Boston Crab, Sakura contemplates just how she is going to get out of the move since Misaki won’t accept a submission. When Misaki tells her of the true essence of pro wrestling, Sakura gathers her strength and finally overcomes the Boston Crab. With her newfound confidence, Sakura enters her next match with a new attitude for wrestling.

Sakura is starting to really mature as a wrestler and the show is continuing to showcase her journey well enough by showing her overcoming another obstacle.

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We finally see her get over the Boston Crab this episode after having about 2 and a half episodes dedicated to it. Granted the first half of this episode is her caught in Misaki’s BC we actually see her work through it and eventually get out of it (don’t really know why it took so long for someone to teach her a reversal, but I digress). Misaki, while a bit coy, does show that she does have expectations for Sakura’s career and sees her potential. She tells her about the mechanics of the Boston Crab and tells her how to get out of it while she has the hold on her. She also tells Sakura when she finally gets out that being a wrestler takes both strength of mind and body (and honestly as a wrestling fan i found this scene heart warming), she also tells her that being in the wrestling ring is similar to being an idol: everyone is watching you, cheering you on, and expecting things from you which is true.

Speaking of idols we get a breif look at Sweet Diva and what they are going through before their big tour. The girls of the group (especially Elena) are starting to feel the backlash of Sakura not being with them when they can’t properly coordinate their dance routine. They eventually get it right.

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Fast forwarding to Sakura’s match after her training with Misaki. She goes up against Kurea Komiyama (the wrestler with the blonde streak in her pink hair from episode 2) and this is where the episode begins to show Sakura’s improvement. She gets in the Boston Crab (again…) but instead of giving up she fights her way out of it, she also shows her strength of will by kicking out of a devastating back breaker and a suplex before eventually being pinned by a powerbomb pin combination. Although she took another L this match was important in changing the fans perception of her as they eventually started cheering her on due to her determination, even Kurea was surprised at what it took to beat her. Sakura gains a newfound determination and passion for wrestling and starts to strive for her first win; which eventually culminates in asking Misaki to train her.

“Now This is Pro Wrestling!” is certainly a good episode that shows just how much fortitude wrestling takes. Sakura overcomes her Boston Crap wall and gains newfound respect from the fans and her opponents. The animation stays somewhat consistent throughout and the Sakura & Misaki have a nice relationship building. While the stuff with Sweet Diva serves no real purpose it doesn’t hurt too much. The fight continues next week as Sakura begins her real training.