ANIME TUESDAY: Sekatsuyo – “The Night Before The Decisive Fight!” Review

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Previously on Sekatsuyo:

Sakura finally got over the Boston Crab thanks to some help from Misaki. Although she still has a losing streak going, Sakura is more determined than ever and is ready to get her first win. Spoilers Ahead!

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Sakura has begun her training with Misaki and has increased dramatically in the ring. Although she still has a losing streak going, her determination hasn’t wavered but she is still missing something to give one in the win column. Things begin to fall into place as her rematch with Rio is finally lined up. With the reason that she decided to become a wrestler now within arms reach, Sakura needs just one more piece to complete her wrestling puzzle…the Finisher!

Sekatsuyo is starting to become a more serious show and that itself earns quite a bit of merit. This episode explores more aspects of Sakura’s character and looks at her growth.

Sakura Vs. Hornet

Sakura Vs. Hornet

Sakura’s training with Misaki has begun and it is your typical Rocky-esque training regimen, hitting bags, running up stairs that sort of thing. While Sakura still has a tendency to whine a bit, she still tries her hardest in her training. She is getting better in the ring as she has both Misaki & Chinatsu (her first opponent when she turned pro) helping on her ring skills, which have improved a bit.

Sakura finds herself in a match with the masked Hornet who uses her two henchwomen and kendo sticks to beat and strangle Sakura (obviously Japan and America have varying degrees when it comes to disqualifications). While the match does have an impressive back and forth with Sakura even using the Boston Crab, she loses again earning her 64th loss. Even though she lost she is still optimistic and even gets some of her fans back. After her match she meets with the president of Berzerk who tells her that her match with Rio has been scheduled and that she needs to prepare. Rio herself does not seem stressed about facing Sakura again she when she is interviewed. Sakura continues to train and asks MIsaki why she hasn’t clenched a victory yet, with Misaki telling her that she needs a Finisher (even though it takes more than that to win, we’ll forgive this for now).

Sakura & Elena

Sakura & Elena

On the other side of the spectrum we have Elena and the remaining members of Sweet Diva. Elena has just been been elected the center vocalist for the group, but she feels the victory is hollow because she didn’t beat Sakura for it. The two eventually meet up again in the park when Sakura is thinking of a finsher and have a talk. Which ultimately ends with them dancing their troubles away and Sakura finding the inspiration for her move. With all the pieces set, Sakura is ready for her long awaited rematch the Rio.

“The Night Before the Decisive Fight” is a decent episode, but it mostly turns into one long montage. Sakura’s training is coming along nice but she still losses despite her energy. Although if wrestling has taught me anything it’s that upsets are par for the course when you have no forward momentum. The Sweet Diva finally amounts to something and Sakura’s match with Hornet was animated well enough. The fight continues next week as the long awaited rematch between Sakura Hagiwara & Rio Kazama finally begins.

Sekatsuyo 5.6