ANIME TUESDAY: Log Horizon – “Escape” Review

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Previously on Log Horizon:

Shiroe, Naotsugu, & Akatsuki traverse through the Depths of Palm on their way to Susukino. Fighting all manners of monster and the dungeon boss the group finally makes it out, but what awaits them in Susukino may be more terrifying than any monster. Spoilers Ahead!

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Shiroe and friends finally reach Susukino and begin thier search for Serara. With Akatsuki providing recon throughout the city with her assassin abilities, Shiroe & Naotsugu enter the city on their own earning them the glares of the Brigandia guild. Finding Serara and Nyanta, Shiroe exits the city with them, but if they want to go home they have to make it through the Brigandia guilds leader Demikas first.

Log Horizon is certainly the more technical of the “Trapped in a game” genre of anime, but it sacrifices the ability to stand out amongst the pack.



We get a feel for the town of Susukino when the group reaches it early in the episode. The town is controlled by the Brigandia guild and there is a sense of fear for all those unsuspecting players who tread within its walls. Their leader Demikas doesn’t have any real complexity to him, but that’s not really necessary as even Shiroe treats him like he’s not even the strongest out of his guild.

Nyanta is expanded a bit more when Shiroe finds him and Serara. It is revealed that he and Shiroe were both apart of the Debauchery Tea Party at some point as Shiroe refers to Nyanta as “chief”. We also get a look at Nyanta’s battle skills when he takes on Demikas outside of Susukino. Now if Log Horizon excels at one thing it is incorporating exposition in a natural way through its battle scenes. Nyanta is in the swashbuckler class, and while its not the strongest of the weapon classes (that title belongs to the assassin class) it is one of the few classes that can dual wield  and their weapons can inflict some nasty status effects (Nyanta for example wields dual rapiers). We also get an explanation on Demikas’ monk class abilities as well as an explanation on cast and cool down times.

Nyanta Vs. Demika

Nyanta Vs. Demika

Essentially the entire episode boils down to one big fight scene as Nyanta & Demikas start off, then Naotsugu enters the fight when Nyanta is about to be ambushed, Serara performs healing spells from the sidelines, Shiroe helps Nyanta defeat Demikas, and finally Akatsuki finishes off Demikas’ second in command Londark and his healers (she also comments on how well Shiroe and Nynata worked together). With the threat quelled, the group makes the trip back to Akihabara.

“Escape” is basically a giant fight scene that ironically seems to go by pretty fast. The exposition is handled well and the fight scenes are animated well enough. Although the episode does suffer by not revealing just why Demikas was so fixed on keeping Serara around. The game continues next week as Shiroe and the others make their way back to Akihabara.