ANIME TUESDAY: Kill la Kill – “I Want to Know More About You” Review

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Previously on Kill la Kill:

Ryuko’s fight with the Elite Four began with her first opponent, Gamagoori. Despite being unable to break his defenses, Ryuko’s pulls out a surprises thanks to Senketsu Senjin, Senketsu’s new form which allows to secure the victory. 1 down, 3 to go. Spoilers Ahead!

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Ryuko blows off Satsuki’s offer of a break and dives right into her second fight, her opponent: the Student Council’s information guru and master hacker Houka Inamuta. Initially at a disadvantage due to Inamuta’s uniform’s abilities, Ryuko manages to gain the upper hand but before she lands the finishing blow Inamuta forfeits to everyone but Satsuki’s surprise. Now 2-0 Ryuko faces her next opponent, the Student Council’s resident musician and regulator of the the academy’s non-athletic clubs Nonon Jakuzure. Get ready for the ultimate catfight!

Starting right where last week left off, the hits keep on coming as Ryuko continues to climb the ladder towards Satsuki’s and answers about her father’s death.

Inamuta and his Probe Regalia

Inamuta and his Probe Regalia

The episode opens with a brief look at how Houka was found by Satsuki. Initially a skilled hacker, Inamuta hacked into the company servers of the Kiryuin family’s company and was quickly found. Instead of killing him, Satsuki tells him to join her at the academy. While not as meaty as Gamagoori’s  or Sanageyama’s (and later on Nonon’s) it gets the job done and is a decent lead in to the fight.

The fight itself is relatively short, but Inamuta showcases his uniform well enough. It is called Probe Regalia, and it allows to both analyze Ryuko’s attack data and turn invisible; the latter ability allowing him to get the upper hand on Ryuko. Ryuko continues to show her resourcefulness when she enlarges Senketsu’s eye in order to smash the entire battle zone and disable Inamuta’s ability to dodge, but before she can deliver the final blow he surrenders, saying he doesn’t want to lose the data he acquired. This surprises the crowd, angers Gamagoori, and is expected by Satsuki.

Anyone else getting Evangelion flashbacks?

Anyone else getting Evangelion flashbacks?

Speaking of Gamagoori, since losing his uniform he is rendered a no star and sits next to Mako in the stands. He and Mako have some funny moments as they cheer for their respective friends and when Inamuta joins them things get a bit crazier as Mako also has to deal with their bickering.

Back on the platform, Ryuko now faces off against Nonon (who makes her entrance via marching band) and her Symphony Regalia uniform, which is essentially a giant mobile armor (for those who have watched gundam). We also get a look at her back story with Satsuki. True to her words from earlier in the series she has been with Satsuki the longest as the two have been together since kindergarten. Little Satsuki (besides being the cutest little future dictator ever) still had ambitions of power and Nonon pledged to stay by her side. What’s interesting about this is that depending on how you look at it Satsuki isn’t as horrible as first portrayed, she is a bit of a dictoator yes but she is shown to still believe in people to a degree when she was younger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t even know about Ryuko’s father’s death and was just stringing her along for amusement.

Adorable Satsuki is adorable

Adorable Satsuki is adorable

Back to the fight, Nonon’s uniform allows her to attack with sound vibrations which goes pretty well with her musical tastes. This also gives the show the excuse to play some classical music places that don’t feel out of place. As expected Nonon cheats by destroying the battle arena but Ryuko staves off elimination when Senketsu tansforms into a new mode called Senketsu Shippu, which allows her to fly. This angers Nonon, intrigues Satsuki, and frightens Aikuro; who calls in Tsumugu and tells him to prepare for a “worst-case scenario”.

Nonon's Symphony Regalia

Nonon’s Symphony Regalia

“I Want to Know More About You” does a good job of giving us a closer look at some of Ryuko’s enemies as well as some dissension among her allies. The fights are well animated, flow nicely, and the way Ryuko defeats her opponents shows how well her and Senketsu work together and adapt. The music is good as well. The battle continues next week when Ryuko & Nonon take their fight to the air and a mysterious girl appears.