ANIME TUESDAY: Kill la Kill – “So Sexy She Might Pass Out” Review

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Previously on Kill la Kill:

Ryuko Matoi has come to Honnouji Academy in order to find the person responsible for the death of her father. After being severely beaten by Takaharu Fukuroda, the schools boxing team captain, she returns jome where she finds a sentient uniform she names Senketsu. Returning to the school she defeats Fukuroda and once again confronts the leader of the school Satsuki Kiryuin. Spoilers Ahead!

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After defeating Fukuroda, Ryuko starts questioning Satsuki about the owner of the other half of her scissor blade as well as the killer of her father. Satsuki reveals that she knows of Ryuko’s father but before Ryuko cam get any more info she has to flee due to fatigue. After being helped back to health by Mako’s family Ryuko returns to Honnouji Academy where is she is challenged by Omiko Hakodate, the captain of the tennis team.

Kill la Kill continues to prove why it is the most highly anticipated anime of the season, and just like thd first episode, this one does not disappoint.

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We shed more light on the Goku Uniforms and just what exactly Satsuki’s deal is. Goku uniforms are uniforms that bestow the wearer with extraordinary powers and are ranked by stars (1-5 with 5 being the highest) and are massed produced by Satsuki. She bestows these uniforms upon those she deems worthy of them, as she gave Fukuroda his last episode and gave Omiko a two-star this episode. She’s cold and calculating and rules the school with an iron fist, but her true goals are a bit more complex than she lets on.

We getvto shed some more light on Ryuko’s only friend Mako and her very exciteable family. Her father is a back alley doctor with more kills than saves on his record, her little brother is a gang leader and a theif, and her mother is a terrible cook who seems to be just as crazy as the rest of them. They do get some laughs though as they try to get Ryuko to eat dinner with them, (which is essentially dirt chunks with worms and soup with questionable ingridients). They aren’t just there for comic relief as Mako does tell Ryuko of the living conditions of their city, with the poor (bad students) living in the slums away from the school and the rich (good students) living in luxury close to the school.

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We get a closer look into Senketsu in this episode and just where the hell the blood obsessed sailor uniform came from. After Ryuko is attacked by the tennis club while trying to protect Mako (Senketsu doesn’t activate when she tells it to), she is rescued by her homeroom teacher,  Aikuro Mikisugi whose a bit…eccentric to say the least. He tells her that the uniform was created by her father and is known as a Kamui (god cloth) that is more powerful than the Goku Uniforms. Even with all this power, it needs her blood to activate and he gives her glove to help her.

Ryuko’s rematch against Omiko is highly entertaining as it is a high speed tennis match with spikes embedded in the court walls. Ryuko is on the ropes but she manages to win when she turns her scissor blade into a tennis racket. Despite Uzu Sanagayama’s (a member of Satsuki’s elite) protests Satsuki allows the win and once again confronts Ryuko, this time coming down from her tower and attacking her, showing that her blade can cut through Senketsu!

Aikuro talking to Ryuko

Aikuro talking to Ryuko

“So Sexy She Might Pass Out” is a great follow up to its first episode. It keeps hitting home with its exciting over the top animation, fun characters, and excellent action scenes. The show has dramatic moments but doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a load of fun.