ANIME TUESDAY: Galilei Donna – “Galileo DNA” Review

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One of the more anticipated shows this season, the first episode of Galilei Dona has hit the US, but can it measure up to the standards the previews set? Spoilers Ahead!

GD 1.4

The Ferrari sisters: Hozuki, Kazuki, & Hazuki, are all walking different paths in their young lives. Being the descendants of historic astronomer Galileo Galilei, they have certain standards to live up to courtesy of their mother. When all three girls are suddenly attacked by mysterious men, they come together and begin to learn just what being the descendants of Galileo really means.

From the onset of this episode, Galilei Donna is certainly going to be a series with alot of big thongs happening in it, starting with the first scene. In it we see an airship drop three gigantic mechs into what looks like a mining area. once there they attack and take what seems to be some type of fuel source. What purpose this serves has yet to be explained but it is set up well enough.

GD 1.5

As for the Ferrari family, it is established pretty early that family isn’t on the best of terms; the girls parents are separated and the girls themselves don’t seem to get along all that well. Hazuki is the oldest at 20 years old and is a law student, but she doesn’t seem to be all that interested in school as a whole as, she usually drinks a lot, skips class, and its indicated she dropped out once before. Kazuki is the middle child and a high school student. Not much is know of her besides that she often skips gym class and is pining over some boy. She and Hazuki exchange some dialogue after they are attacked, with Kazuki expressing a desire to move away from their mother and Hazuki commenting not to live with her. Then there is Hozuki, the youngest. She lives with the girls’ father and seems to be a wizard with technology. The girls mother is typically overbearing constantly scolding them about not living up to their namesake, while their father is more passive about such things.

The Ferrari Sisters (L to R): Kazuki, Hozuki, & Hazuki

The Ferrari Sisters (L to R): Kazuki, Hozuki, & Hazuki

There is plenty good action bits when the girls are attacked by the mysterious men. Hozuki is the first of the girls we see when she is being chased by robotic sentry. Here she shows her inventive mind as she rides on a scooter, that turns into toolbox, that can turn into a freaking cannon! Hazuki is assaulted in the bathroom of a bar she was in (where she explains how many laws her attacker is violating, while also saying how much jail time he’ll serve) before she is saved by one of her friends. Kazuki is attacked in the nurse’s office of her school, where she shows off her martial arts skills. These scenes were pretty well animated and show off that these girls are more than pretty faces, as far as Hozuki & Kazuki are concerned.

As for the people chasing them, not much is known but they are attacked in their home by red headed man named Chincino and his two henchmen. He tells them he’s looking for “Galileo’s inheritance” but is rebuked when the family says they don’t know what he’s talking about, he also seems to take a liking to Hazuki. Just before things go horribly awry, Hozuki (who wasn’t captured along with her family) activates her GIANT GOLDFISH AIRSHIP from underground and attacked the red haired man’s airship, saving her family via distraction. Just who is this guy? What does he want? and what does it have to do with the girls?

Hozuki's airship

Hozuki’s airship

“Galilei DNA” is a good introductory episode of what looks to be a pretty exciting series with its own style. The main girls are introduced well as is their family dynamic, and the setting in Italy is a nice change of pace from other anime. The animation is pretty good, especially in the action scenes and the music hits where it needs to.