Anime Monday: Persona 4: The Animation – “Would you love me?” Review

Previously on Persona 4:

Yu & friends successfully rescued Yukiko from the TV world, with the girl also gaining her own Persona in the process. With things more or less back to normal; the 4 kids return home. Spoilers ahead.

Yu is not amused

After rescuing Yukiko (Amanda Winn-Lee) from inside the TV, Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch), Yoskue (Yuri Lowenthal), & Chie (Erin Fitzgerald) return to their normal lives at school. As they wait for Yukiko to recover so that they can move on with the case, Chie convinces Yu to join the Basketball Club; which is run by Kou Ichijo (Vic Mignogna) with the help of his friend Daisuke Nagase (David Vincent). Yu also meets the teams manager, Ai Ebihara (Julie Ann Taylor), who ends up guilting Yu into being her boyfriend until she gets over her current crush, Kou (who likes Chie).

Kou (Center) & Daisuke (Right)

This episode takes a break from the action in order to explore another function of the video game the show is based off of, Social Links. As in the game Yu spends time with various people in school and out, which allows him to access more powerful Personas as each person he spends time with represents a different Arcana; Ai being “Moon” & Kou & Daisuke being “Strength”. These three are still well rounded characters however (with the exception of Daisuke, who we don’t get much focus on). Kou loves basketball but may have to quit because of his familiar duties & Ai is rude & stuck up, but at the end of the day just wants someone to love her (which is shown by her trying to kill herself after finding out Kou likes Chie).

Yu & Ai

Yu also shows more of a personality this episode through his interactions with Kou & the others. Yosuke & Chie don’t do too much here besides nudge Yu in the right direction, but we do get a catfight between Chie & Ai in this episode so that’s a win. The end of the episode shows new resolve in Ai & Kou’s respective goals and Yukiko joins the investigation team when she returns to school.

While not as action packed or dramatic as the previous episodes, “Would you love me?” is still a pretty decent episode as it expands on the students in the school. Taking time to reference the game is something the show does frequently as episodes like this pop up every now and then. Next time, the case continues as the next victim of the Midnight Channel is revealed.